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Cleaning service marketing: Finding better-paying, more appreciative contract cleaning customers

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Free cleaning service marketing tips: Want new and better cleaning customers?

Fresh & New Image Cleaning Service MarketingIf you're sick and tired of the old image of cleaning and looking for new techniques and tips for new kind of cleaning service marketing so you could find better-paying and more appreciative contract cleaning customers... you've found the right web site.

This web site is dedicated to giving tested and proven marketing & sales tips on how to make your contract cleaning services so desirable from the facility managers' viewpoint that you can increase your prices and choose your customers.

This web site was created with the sole purpose of helping cleaning company owners to find better-paying, more appreciative clients with little or no cost.

The information on these pages comes from having run the prospecting and marketing of more than 50 cleaning companies for several years, so all of it is tested and proven in use.

Our articles discuss areas of marketing and selling cleaning services as well as how to create more client-satisfaction for your cleaning services. A variety of subjects is introduced, from how to minimize complaints to methods of creating added value for your contract cleaning services so that you can charge more.

The main emphasis is on finding ways to secure more appreciative customers who are willing to PAY for quality of cleaning.

We will look at how CUSTOMERS see cleaning and what can be done to educate them to see the RESULTS of cleaning so they wouldn't just look for mistakes and omissions.

There's a lot to read and much of it not available anywhere else.

That's to say, most of the materials NEW in terms of what else is out there on offer for cleaning companies.

In fact, we are probably the only online source offering the hard-won experiences of so many cleaning company owners on how to acquire new contract cleaning customers.

That's why we're willing to give advice for FREE in many ways, one of which is our which lets you ask any questions and receive an expert's advice for FREE.

At the bottom of this page you'll find a link directory to a wealth of articles about cleaning service marketing on this web site. The same directory is repeated at the end of most pages, so it is easy to choose a new article once you're done with the one you're reading.

We hope you enjoy these unique articles.


A totally FRESH and NEW approach to cleaning service marketing

Cleaning service marketing has traditionally consisted of Yellow Page ads and other listings, some cold calling and possibly an occasional direct mailing campaign.

Yet, it's not really a question of which VEHICLE is used in marketing but, rather, what's the MESSAGE that the chosen media conveys to your target group.

If you're looking for a fresh yet proven approach for marketing and selling your contract cleaning services then we believe you will like the many cleaning service marketing articles on this site. You'll find the directory for these articles at the end of each web page.


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With www.cleaningservicemarketing.com, the availability of cleaning service marketing information has reached a new level.

We welcome you read the many articles on our web site — you'll find the link directory to our articles at the end of each web page.

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We hope you enjoy these articles on the various new innovations on cleaning service marketing and sales techniques.

This information was found in a special cleaning service marketing project that lasted for several years and involved more than 50 cleaning companies for whom thousands of prospective customers were obtained.

These techniques are therefore proven in use and we hope you will make use of the many cleaning service marketing tips available. See the link directory of articles at the end of this page for more information on what's available.

Thank you for visiting www.cleaningservicemarketing.com and we hope you find this web site useful!

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Articles on marketing & selling Contract Cleaning Services

How do you find new contract cleaning customers without cutting your prices to bare minimum?

Indeed... how do you ensure you get new and better cleaning customers every month? Is it possible to find new customers and get more quotes accepted so you can actually get PROFIT from the activity? And get new customers without hefty upfront payments?

CLICK HERE to read about a new approach to finding better-paying contract cleaning customers at low cost IF you can be among the first in your area...

How you could increase your prices BECAUSE how the competition works:

Competition is tough and pricing is often the only weapon used to win contract cleaning bidding.

But did you know that not all clients and/or facility managers are looking for the lowest price... but something altogether different?

CLICK HERE to read how you could set up your prices and profits and still INCREASE THE PULL of your contract cleaning services and utilise this special market for obtaining high-profit cleaning sites!

Sales Boosters:

Are you a top sales expert who finds it easy to sell to prospective clients... or are you not confident or simply not experienced in selling contract cleaning services?

Whichever, there's a booster for your sales...

CLICK HERE to read the two sales results boosters which will increase your sales many times over!

The difference that customers' appreciation makes in your motivation and profits

Have you ever wondered how it felt if cleaning customers genuinely appreciated the service you provide... and if they also let YOU know about it?

How would openly shown satisfaction affect the motivation of cleaning crews and yourself? Could it also improve PROFITS from each cleaning site?

What Facility Managers think about cleaning:

What do they dislike and like, suspect and trust? What's top quality and why?

CLICK HERE to read how you could make a lot more by knowing what they want from cleaning!

Do the math: Cost and results of passive versus active methods of finding prospective clients

Many cleaning companies use huge sums of money for advertising their services. While it brings new clients, could there be a way to obtain a lot MORE clients... and at a fraction of the cost?

CLICK HERE to compare the costs and results of passive and active client-acquisition methods for cleaning companies!

Are your cleaning customers burying you with complaints?Client-Satisfaction: Making cleaning customers SEE how much they receive from your cleaning services!

Have you ever wondered why contract cleaning customers are so insistent on finding FAULT with your work? Why do they complain about the smallest things? Why do they not SEE the thousands of well cleaned square feet but instead focus on a few square INCHES which you've possibly missed?

What if you had a way to make them SEE all the well done work instead?

CLICK HERE to read the amazing, groundbreaking innovation on office cleaning customer satisfaction and how you can increase it ten-fold with only a few minutes spent monthly!

Unlimited source of new customers for your contract cleaning business?

What if you could find an UNLIMITED number of great potential contract cleaning customers from within your area at will? Just imagine how it could affect your business and income! Well, why not check out this article to find out how some cleaning companies have managed to obtain prospective customers on continuous basis...

CLICK HERE to read how you could acquire practically ANY number of great prospective contract cleaning customers every day of the week!

The packaging of cleaning services

The task of marketing is to PACKAGE the service to be sold. But just HOW that is done and what benefits it can bring you is generally not known.

CLICK to read how to package cleaning services into top-selling products!

Publishing: A unique way of creating HUGE interest for your contract cleaning services FREE!

Would you like to publish a best-selling guide in your area and to educate facility managers on how to evaluate cleaning services and choose the cleaning company... YOURS? Would you want to increase the awareness of facility managers on how much YOU could help to improve their cleaning and rid them of the problems they may be facing with their current cleaners? And do all this so that your marketing actually pays for itself and then some? Well, if so, then here's a way to do it without ever having to write a single word...

CLICK HERE to read how you could publish and start selling an authorative guide to contract cleaning services and get PAID for selling your services!

Added-value cleaning services:

Added-value cleaning services have a significantly higher success ratio in sales while producing clearly better profits for the cleaning company.

But what are added-value services and how do you create such for your cleaning company?

CLICK HERE to read about added-value cleaning services!

Utilising the Internet in marketing & selling contract cleaning services

The Internet is here to stay. With more than a billion people, the Internet has become the primary source used by companies to find new services and information about business-to-business services.

Yet, only about 4% of cleaning companies utilise the Internet efficiently for prospecting and marketing, even though it is practically a COST-FREE way of acquiring a constant flow of new contract cleaning customers. Regardless of whether or not you have a web site, this article is quite an eye-opener in terms of Internet marketing of contract cleaning services...

CLICK HERE to read how you could start utilising the Internet efficiently for acquiring contract cleaning customers!

How to present & sell contract cleaning services without having to state self-promotional claims

In selling cleaning services, one of the weak points of the traditional sales technology is that you have to state CLAIMS about your services and about your own excellence. Surveys show that facility managers automatically SUSPECT any self-promotional claims made in a sales situation. Thus, those claims are NOT believed and the end result of stating claims is a lowered believability toward you and your services. The best way is to AVOID making such claims... but, if you don't TELL him about the quality, how is he to KNOW?

CLICK HERE to read about a new groundbreaking presentation & sales technique for contract cleaning services that'll bring the quality of your service to the attention of faciilty managers without you EVER stating any claims!


How could you set up a cost-efficient and highly lucrative telemarketing activity to ensure a constant flow of preselected potential contract cleaning clients at a moment's notice, starting and stopping it as needed?

CLICK HERE to read about telemarketing of cleaning services!

Direct Mailing

Is there a way to acquire new prospective cleaning customers by way of direct mailing in a high-quality, effective manner while creating a top image for your cleaning company?

CLICK HERE to read about starting to market contract cleaning services by direct mailing!

More Referrals?

What if you could get each of your contract cleaning customers activated into bringing you several new prospective clients every year... now, wouldn't that be quire something?

CLICK HERE to read about obtaining referrals from existing cleaning clients!

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